Name changed – but Values not!
In 2014 the Association, in listening to what people were telling us, and after much debate and consideration, changed its name and constitution to reflect what we are about.  
The Association changed its name to reflect its service delivery and location.

Flintshire & Wrexham Online Watch Link Association

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At OWL Cymru, we are always on the look out for products that can give you a helping hand to keep your property and valuables safe and secure. Here are some items we can offer directly to you at discounted prices.
Card Minder - Contact less Card Protector
Price £1.50 < back

Card Minder pouches with reverse style choice of :-

Techno For the clubbing generation
World Traveller Ideal to keep your card safe on your travels
Passing Train Ideal to store your Oyster Card
Classic Car For the motorist

With more advanced ways of paying via your bank or credit card, thieves are continually adapting their methods to come up with new ways to steal your personal data and information.

We recommend that everyone who carries bank cards should have a ‘Card Minder’. This initiative is supported by Police Crime Commissioner North Wales & Cyber crime Team.

On most new credit or debit cards you will have a wireless symbol which informs you that your card uses RFID technology, this allows you to simply swipe your card at designated machines to make a payment. This is a much easier way of paying, however it comes with security risks, as a criminal could create a RFID reader with minimal effort and steal your details. There are also possibilities of wireless transactions being completed accidentally or duplicated.

You can prevent most of these things happening with the Card Minder – the aluminium credit card pouch can fit inside your wallet and can prevent your data from being stolen. Furthermore, the Card Minder could prevent two contact less cards in the same wallet being billed simultaneously, ideal to place in any wallet or purse

Postage is by Royal Mail, We can arrange 2 – 5 days courier delivery service and a next day courier service – please enquire for costs

Please note : we only ship to UK addresses

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Please note: Sensitive information like credit card details are not saved by this website and transactions are conducted by PayPal.

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