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At OWL Cymru, we are always on the look out for products that can give you a helping hand to keep your property and valuables safe and secure. Here are some items we can offer directly to you at discounted prices.
Card Minder - Contact less Card Protector - As seen on BBC Rip Off Britain - Click here to watch
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Simulated TV Light

Introducing the NEW Simulated TV Mark III, designed to simulate a real working TV. The product gives the impression that a property is occupied. It is a known fact that a burglar will be discouraged from breaking in if they think someone is at home. 

When you leave your TV switched on it will use up electricity and reduce the lifespan of your TV. The Simulated TV is the ideal answer to all these problems.

Key Features :


1 Permanent
2 Four Hours from Dusk
3 Seven Hours from Dusk

- 12 LED's, 7 white, 2 green, 2 blue, 1 red.

- Random display of super bright LED bulbs.

- Low power consumption

- Supplied with a 4.5 DC adaptor

Simulated TV - The effective low cost solution to Burglars

Price £18.95 each (p&p £3.95)

24 Hour Timer

A plug in Timer is a great security device which can pre select when electrical items are turned on, therefore giving the impression of an occupied home even when you are out.

The Timer has the following key features:

- Provides 96 on/off settings over 24 hours
- Manual Switch Override
- Can be switched in 5 minute intervals
- 13 maximum rating, 230-240V AC, 50 hz
- Approved to relevant British Standards

Price £3.95 each (p&p £3.95)

PIR LED Safety Night Light

The PIR LED Safety Night Light is a great way to automatically light up a hall or room if someone walks past.

Designed as a small and compact night light, it is able to sit on a table top, at floor level or be mounted to a wall.

The light operated with a daylight sensor, so will only work during the dark to save power.

Battery operated, easy to use and install.

Price £6.50 each (p&p £3.95)

UV Twin Light Torch

The Defender UV Twin Light Torch is a great torch to carry around with you and keep on your key chain.

It has two modes of operation which can be selected by a simple switch.

If you slide the switch one way and press the button you will have a UV beam, and if you slide the switch the other way and press the button you will have a bright white LED light.

Perfect to keep with you at all times to check for UV markings, counterfeit notes and ID cards.

Price £4.00 each (p&p £3.95)

The Ultimate Coding Kit

Contains the UK's first dual UV/Permanent marker pens, allows you to overtly & covertly mark your property as recommended by the police

Each Pack contains:
1 x Record Card
1x Dual marker pen
16 x Clear labels
6 x All weather warning lables
1 x Cycle wrap around label
2 x Hologram labels

Price £2.50 each (p&p £3.95)

New! 4 Designs to choose from!
Card Minder - Contact less Card Protector

With more advanced ways of paying via your bank or credit card, thieves are continually adapting their methods to come up with new ways to steal your personal data and information...

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Single £1.50
Select Design

Pack of 4, one of each design £5.00

Orders of  
10, 20, 30 -
postage £1.63

Orders of
30 - 60
Postage  £2.96

Please Contact us

Card Minder - Contact less Card Protector

With more advanced ways of paying via your bank or credit card, thieves are continually adapting their methods to come up with new ways to steal your personal data and information...

More information >

Single £1.00

Pack of 3 £3.00

Pack of 5 £5.00

Pack of 10 £10.00

Pack of 20 £20.00

Pack of 30 £30.00

RFID passport wallets

Please Contact us to purchase

Multi functional safety hammer

A multi-functional emergency life hammer with hardened steel glass breaking point and seat belt cutter.

The hammer is designed with a striking point to shatter even the toughest glass including double glazed, laminated or toughened glass.

Ideal to keep in cars in case of emergency.

Price £13.50 each

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