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At OWL Cymru, we are always on the look out for products that can give you a helping hand to keep your property and valuables safe and secure. Here are some items we can offer directly to you at discounted prices.
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Defender Window Alert Alarm

The Defender Window Alert Alarm is a simple but effective alarm which uses shock sense technology to keep glass window and door panels secure.

The alarm is simply attached to the window by an adhesive pad. As soon as someone attempts to hit the window the alarm will be activated and a powerful 110dBs siren released.

Once installed a visually effective warning sticker is displayed from the outside to deter intruders, warning them that a security system is in place

Price £5.00 each (p&p £3.95)


Door Stop Wedge Alarm

This unique product has been featured on TV and offers “Peace of Mind Protection”.

Simply by positioning the unit at the base of any door, the DS175 will prevent forced entry. As an added benefit if a forced entry attempt is made a 120dB siren will sound. The DS175 comes supplied with a 9V battery and is suitable for all types of doors.

Price £8.95 each (p&p £3.95)

Door Handle Alarm

The door handle alarm is a clever detection alarm which knows when someone is about to open the door or touches the door handle and once triggered will set off a powerful 125 decibel alarm.

A perfect addition to home security, its versatility and ease of use means it can be used as and when required, in any room that need protecting.

Ideal for use in student halls, shared accommodation, internal rooms within your home or hotel / holiday rooms.

Price £6.50 each (p&p £3.95)


Magnetic Chime & Alarm

The magnetic door / window chime and alarm can be used to welcome visitors or deter thieves.

The device works by using magnetic technology, one side is fitted to the window or door and the other is fitted to the frame.

Once the door or window is opened and the magnetic field is broken it will trigger a chime or an alarm depending on which setting you have chose.

Could also be used on cupboards and internal doors, ideal to help prevent sneak in burglary.

Price £5.50 each (p&p £3.50)


Warning sticker this shed is alarmed

Warning sticker this shed is alarmed

Price £2.00 each (p&p £1.65)


Driveway Alarm

A Driveway Monitor Alarm will provide early warning of intruders or visitors before they reach your property.

Originally designed to alert you when someone enters your drive or garden, this unit can be used to protect sheds, garages or outbuildings.

When somebody enters the protected zone, the sensor transmits to the receiver in your home and alerts you to their presence by an audio chime or alarm.

  • Can be armed or disarmed by supplied remote control fob
  • Can be set to sound an alarm or chime on activation
  • Detection range up to 8 metres at an angle of 90°
  • Operates within a distance of 300 feet (clear line of sight) from PIR to the receiver unit
  • Weatherproof IP44 PIR sensor unit with on/off switch
  • Alkaline batteries operated (not included)

Price £30.00 each (£3.95 p&p)

Please Contact us to order

Warning these premises are alarmed sticker

Warning these premises are alarmed sticker

Price £2.00 each (p&p £1.65)

Stop Chain Check Door Mirror

New fantastic low price
The door mirror is the deal aid to check a caller's identity whilst using a door chain.

Supplied with adhesive tape for easy fixing
Displays the message STOP CHAIN CHECK

Price £3.50 each (p&p £3.95)


Bogus Caller ID Magnify Cards

Designed in consultation with Be Safe Partnership, the Bogus Caller Magnifying Cards are a low cost handy reminder aimed at ensuring identification is checked before allowing Utility Workers access into property.

The Magnifying Card comes in a plastic wallet which warns against opening the door to anyone, advises using the door chain and reminds people to check a person's ID. The Magnifying Card ensures that all ID documents are viewed closer and clearer, with special benefit for people with poor eyesight.

Price £1.50 each (p&p £3.95)


Secure Ring Standard

The standard Secure-Ring is for a stand-alone door and comes completed with all the required wall fixings (secured by Design Accredited)

Price £20.00 each

Glass Minder and Warning Sticker

Introducing an all in one security product which combines a 110dB + siren Personal Alarm with a portable PIR alarm and a handy torch. This product has a multitude of uses and provides a low cost security product which can be used as a Personal Attack Alarm when out and about but also as a working PIR alarm when at home or staying in alternative accommodation.

When either the Attack Alarm or the PIR motion sensor are activated the combined Alarm produces a 110dB siren. Also the Alarm provides you with a torch which can be used to help find keys/locks in the dark. To activate the PIR simply pull the sliding cover down and switch on. A 30 second delay allows the user to vacate the room. Movement within 2 metres of the alarm will activate the 110dB siren. The siren de-activates after approximately 20 seconds.

Price £8.00 each (p&p £3.95)


24 Hour Timer

A plug in Timer is a great security device which can pre select when electrical items are turned on, therefore giving the impression of an occupied home even when you are out.

The Timer has the following key features:

- Provides 96 on/off settings over 24 hours
- Manual Switch Override
- Can be switched in 5 minute intervals
- 13 maximum rating, 230-240V AC, 50 hz
- Approved to relevant British Standards

Price £3.95 each (p&p £3.95)

Glass Minder and Warning Sticker

The Glass Minder is an effective low cost vibration alarm that can be used for securing windows or patio doors.
* Simple to fit and operate
* Powerful 130dB siren
* Adjustable sensitivity settings
* Suitable for windows and door panels
* 4x LR44 batteries supplied and pre-fitted

Price £3.75 each

Please Contact us to order

Mini Door Chime

This intruder alarm can be quickly switched to announce visitors with a chime, or it can be switched off when not required.

* Powerful 120+dBs siren
* Low battery indicator

Price £3.75 each

Please Contact us to order

Simulated Alarm

Designed for use in all types of vehicles to act as a deterrent and prevent crime.  This can also be used for sheds, mobility scooters, caravans, boats and much more – ideal for giving extra security during holidays

* Cost effective deterrent to prevent crime
* Adhesive Fixing Pads to attach unit
* No Wiring required

Price £4.00 each

Please Contact us to order

Sneak Alarm

Designed to combat sneak-in burglary prevalent during the summer months.
This clever device fits over door handle and if anyone touches the outside handle it triggers a 120 db alarm.
Also effective if the door is left slightly ajar.

Price £5.00 each

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