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At OWL Cymru, we are always on the look out for products that can give you a helping hand to keep your property and valuables safe and secure. Here are some items we can offer directly to you at discounted prices.
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Outdoor Extendable Padlock Alarm

Two tone siren. Battery operated.
Ideal for two wheeled vehicles, cycles, trailers, garden equipment & caravans.

Price £20.00 each

Padlock Short Shackle Alarm

Great burglary deterrent. Works like a normal padlock, but sounds a powerful alarm if tampered with.

Price £12.50 each

Please Contact us to purchase

Jogger Power Button Alarm

The Jogger Power Button Alarm is an extremely stylish and well designed Personal Alarm ideal for joggers, cyclists or sports enthusiasts who train in night time conditions.

Worn on the arm, the Alarm is activated by pushing the power button. The Jogger Alarm incorporates a flashing light which is also ideal to act as a warning beacon during hours of darkness . This is especially useful for road runners and cyclists

Price £6.00 each (p&p £3.95)

Key Ring Alarms

Available in Penguin, Dalmatian & Teddy Bear.

Price £3.75 each

Please Contact us to purchase


Bag Hanger

The Bag Hanger is a clever little hook that you can carry around in the pouch provided and when you sit down at a table you can hook the top round face on top of the table and let the rest of the device hang down enabling you to hang your bag under the table next to you.

This is ideal for cafes, restaurants, libraries - in fact, anywhere you may put your bag down.

Not only does it keep it out of reach of thieves but it also keeps walk ways clear and prevents your bag from getting dirty or walked on. Perfect solution!

Price £6.50 each (p&p £3.95)

RFID passport wallets

Please Contact us to purchase

Handbag alarms

Bag dipping and snatching is often seen in crowded areas, busy shopping halls and on public transport. Deterring opportunist thieves with simple, cost effective measures may help prevent valuables from being snatched and helps you to feel safer when traveling.

The Purse/Bag Dipping Pack has a great selection of products specifically designed to prevent opportunist thieves from dipping / snatching bags and purses.  

The pack contains one set of the popular and effective Purse Dipping Bells, a Carabiner Hook, a Purse/Bag Cable, and a sleek, attractive Mini Purse/Bag Alarm.

Price £5.00 each (p&p £3.95)


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