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The Association was established in 1987 as Flintshire Neighbourhood Watch Association a crime prevention charity which promotes for the benefit of the public, good citizenship, community safety & greater public participation, in the prevention & detection of crime.  Promoting public support for the work of the Police service & other Partners, in the protection of people & property from, & prevention of crime. Click on the link below in order to register, receive crime alerts and further information.

Name change but not our values ! 
In 2014 following community consultation and requests we changed our name to reflect the areas & over 60 types of watch schemes that we design, implement, manage & support.


Staying Safe Together 
Neighbourhood Watch is one of the biggest & most successful crime prevention initiatives ever, now involving millions of people around the country. It is based on the simple idea that you & your neighbours can help to prevent and reduce crime & create a better place to live, work and play.  Our other type of watch schemes are modelled on neighbourhood watch, but tailored to suit the needs of the
watch categories

advertpngMonday 22nd January 2018 our Welsh Happiness Day – OWL Cymru team hosted a day of celebrating living, working in Wales, reflecting on happy memories of our history and achievements over the last 30 years.
Monday 22nd January 2018 is our Welsh Happiness Day – The OWL Cymru team hosted a day of celebrating living and working in Wales and reflecting on happy memories of our History and Achievements over the last 30 years.